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001. In order to maintain the video archive, we ask that everyone please respect that each video takes bandwidth and uses resources on our server. In order to keep it up and running we do ask that everyone does not spend hours at a time viewing videos.

002. The staff is working hard to upload years of video clips, it does take time. If you see something has not been added, please be patient, it will be put up in a timely manner. If you have a specific request for a video you'd like to see you can always contact us, but please do not abuse that ability by constantly emailing to ask about several videos all the time, that only takes away time we could be spending adding videos.

003. We know people like to use our videos for fan vids, simply scroll to the bottom of a video's page, add to your favorites, hit "My Favorites" at the top of the archive and in the top right you will be able to zip your favorites for vidding. We ask that everyone respect that vidders are who this feature is for.

004. Have fun!